Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies from the Canyon

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Sello: Numero Group

Formato: Vinilo LP 12"

Tags: Rock 60-70,

Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon
Numero Group

–Becky Severson A Special Path 0:59
–Collie Ryan Cricket 3:19
–Linda Rich Sunlight Shadow 2:15
–Caroline Peyton Engram 3:19
–Carla Sciaky And I A Fairytale Lady 3:22
–Judy Kelly Window 2:08
–Shira Small Eternal Life 2:23
–Jennie Pearl Maybe In Another Year 2:52
–Mary Perrin Dedication 3:47
–Priscilla Quinby With All Hands 3:13
–Marj Snyder Rain 4:16
–Barbara Sipple Song For Life 4:16
–Ginny Reilly Wildman 5:57
–Ellen Warshaw Sister Morphine 5:29