The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two

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Sello: Stones Throw Records

Formato: Vinilo Doble LP 12"

Tags: Electrónica,

The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two
Stones Throw Records

Hard Corps Dirty
–In Trance 95 Presidente
–Philippe Laurent Distorsion
–Das Ding H.S.T.A.
–Subject (2) What Happened To You?
–Ohama The Drum
–Geneva Jacuzzi The Sleep Room
–Antonym Cinnamon Air
–Ruins (2) Fire
–Ende Shneafliet Animals From Outer Space
–Felix Kubin Japan Japan
–Class Info Out Of Line
–In Aeternam Vale Annie
–Aural Indifference Theme

Dance Wave Tapes Stone Throw