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Royal Jesters $19.900.

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Sello: Numero Group

Formato: Vinilo Doble LP 12"

Royal Jesters ‎– English Oldies
Numero Group

A1 –Dimas III I Won't Love You Again
A2 –Royal Jesters* Take Me For A Little While
A3 –Royal Jesters* I'm So Sorry
A4 –Royal Jesters* What'cha Gonna Do 'Bout It
A5 –Royal Jesters* We Go Together
A6 –Royal Jesters* I've Got Soul
A7 –Dimas III So Funny
B1 –Royal Jesters* What Love Has Joined Together
B2 –Royal Jesters* I Want To Meet Her
B3 –Royal Jesters* Let's Kiss And Make Up
B4 –Royal Jesters* Lonely Guy
B5 –Royal Jesters* I Never Will Forget
B6 –Royal Jesters* Meet Me Down In Soulville
B7 –Royal Jesters* Afro-Lypso
C1 –Royal Jesters* Private Number
C2 –Royal Jesters* Use Your Head
C3 –Royal Jesters* My Kind Of Woman
C4 –Joe Jama* My Life
C5 –Joe Jama* Sleep Late My Lady Friend
C6 –Royal Jesters* Spanish Grease
C7 –Royal Jesters* Let There Be You
D1 –Royal Jesters* Manning Ave.
D2 –Royal Jesters* Lady Sunshine
D3 –Royal Jesters* Back To You
D4 –Dimas III Just A Friend
D5 –Dimas III Not The Right Time
D6 –Dimas III You've Succeeded
D7 –Royal Jesters* Theme For A Lonely Girl

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