Further Adventures of Lord Quasimoto

Further Adventures of Lord Quasimoto

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Quasimoto / Stones Throw Records

A1 Bullyshit

A2 Greenery

A3 Crime

A4 Hydrant Game

A5 Don't Blink

A6 Players Of The Game

B1 Bus Ride

B2 Closer

B3 Maingirl

B4 Bartender Say

B5 1994

B6 Another Demo Tape

C1 Raw Deal

C2 Mr. Two-Faced

C3 The Exclusive

C4 Fatbacks

C5 J.A.N. (Jive Ass Niggaz)

C6 Shroom Music

D1 Strange Piano

D2 Life Is...

D3 The Clown (Episode C)

D4 Raw Addict Pt. 2

D5 Tomorrow Never Knows

D6 Privacy


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