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The Way Out

The Way Out

Vinilo LP 12" $21.500

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House X-axis
X1 Front Door
X2 Hall
X3 Kitchen
X4 Toilet
X5 Living Room
X6 Bedroom
X7 The Way Out
Chat Y-axis
Y1 The Lengthy Pause
Y2 Franco's Prayer
Y3 The Raw End (Of The Tits, Bum & Challenge Deal)
Y4 Boxing and Sparring (With The Third Dimension)
Y5 The Goalkeepers Fear Of The Piss-Up
Y6 Planning - Budgeting - Shopping
Y7 Helping The Police With Their Enquiries
Y8 Your Own Hair - Your Own Chance
Y9 El Cada Dia Del Genté Comun
Y10 The Tuned Knife And Fork Toned Down To A Light Lunch
Y11 The Monumental