Flying Lotus
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A1 Heroes
A2 Post Requisite

A3 Heroes In A Half Shell
A4 More
A5 Capillaries
A6 Burning Down The House
A7 Spontaneous
B1 Takashi
B2 Pilgrim Side Eye

B3 All Spies

B4 Yellow Belly
B5 Black Balloons Reprise
C1 Fire Is Coming
C2 Inside Your Home

C3 Actually Virtual
C4 Andromeda

C5 Remind U

C6 Say Something

C7 Debbie Is Depressed
C8 Find Your Own Way Home
D1 The Climb
D2 Pygmy

D3 9 Carrots
D4 FF4
D5 Land Of Honey
D6 Thank U Malcolm
D7 Hot Oct.


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