Secretaries from Heaven / Wild Car

Secretaries from Heaven / Wild Car

Art Interface
Formato: Vinilo Doble LP 12"
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Art Interface / Vinyl On Demand

Secretaries From Heaven

A1 Secretaries From Heaven
A2 Chinese Takeaway

A3 Raygun Assassins

A4 This Day In History
A5 The Walls Have Ears
A6 Wardance

A7 Real Pretty-Like

A8 Joyride
B1 World's Happiest Person
B2 The Parable Of The Insane Leading The Retarded

B3 Vcr
B4 Even In My Sleep

B5 Angst Interface
B6 Secretaries From Heaven 1981 Demo

B7 Real Pretty-Like Mix #2
Wild Cart
A1 Down At The Bottom

A2 Beautiful Invisible (vocals)

A3 Death In The West

A4 Salesman's Victim

A5 Two Angel's Together #1
A6 Dub In The West
A7 Earthbound Pt 2
B1 Assassin (from Lp)

B2 This Day From History (slowed Up Instrumental Version)

B3 The Continuing Day

B4 Dance Your Own Way Out

B5 Skeleton


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