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Big Star
Box Set (CS)
Burger Records

#1 Record
A1 Feel 3:34
A2 The Ballad Of El Goodo 4:21
A3 In The Street 2:55
A4 Thirteen 2:35
A5 Don't Lie To Me 3:08
A6 The India Song 2:20
B1 When My Baby's Beside Me 3:23
B2 My Life Is Right 3:08
B3 Give Me Another Chance 3:27
B4 Try Again 3:32
B5 Watch The Sunrise 3:45
B6 St 100/6 1:02
Radio City
C1 O My Soul 5:40
C2 Life is White 3:19
C3 Way Out West 2:50
C4 What's Goin Ahn 2:40
C5 You Get What You Deserve 3:08
D1 Mod Lang 2:45
D2 Back of a Car 2:46
D3 Daisy Glaze 3:50
D4 She's a Mover 3:12
D5 September Gurls 2:49
D6 Morpha Too 1:28
D7 I'm in Love With a Girl 1:48
E1 Stroke It Noel 2:04
E2 For You 2:45
E3 Kizza Me 2:45
E4 You Can't Have Me 3:11
E5 Nightime 2:53
E6 Blue Moon 2:07
E7 Take Care 2:48
F1 Jesus Christ 2:38
F2 Femme Fatale 3:32
F3 O, Dana 2:35
F4 Big Black Car 3:37
F5 Holocaust 3:55
F6 Kanga Roo 3:47
F7 Thank You Friends 3:05